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Term Dates and Fees

Spring/Summer 2023 - Term Dates

Our Spring/Summer term starts on January 30th and goes until June 25th 2023. It has 18 weeks, excluding bank holidays and school holidays.


Spring/Summer 2023 - Fees

The fees for our Spring/Summer term, depending on the day of the week (taking into account bank holidays): 

30 Min Lessons | €420 - €540** | 30€/lesson

45 Min Lessons | €560 - €720** | 40€/lesson

60 Min Lessons | €700 - €900** | 50€/lesson

  • All the prices are for individual lessons.

  • All students are asked to enrol on a term basis, for weekly lessons.


  • It's possible to sign up any time during the year if there are slots available and the tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

  • There is a 10% discount for online lessons.

Spring/Summer 2023 - Holiday Information

The school will be closed on the following dates: (all dates are inclusive):*

  • Bank Holiday: St Brigid's day, Monday, 6th February


  • February Mid-Term Break: Monday, 13th — Sunday, 19th February 

  • Bank Holiday: St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, 17th March 

  • Easter Holidays: Monday, 3rd April - Sunday, 16th April 

  • Bank Holiday:  Monday, 1st May 

  • Bank Holiday: Monday, 5th June 

*Note: Lessons on Saturday/Sunday also won't take place during the bank holiday weekends.

**Note: Friday students get 17 weeks, Monday students 15 weeks and Sat/Sun students 14 weeks in Term 2 due to the bank holidays; the fees will be adjusted accordingly.

Spring holidays
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