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​I wholeheartedly recommend Piano Lessons Dublin for piano lessons for both children and adults.

Anja runs a flexible, committed and efficient piano school. Once piano lessons are signed up for, everything runs like clockwork.  The availability of piano lessons at home is very helpful and the end of term piano concerts organised by the school are a great learning opportunity for the students.

Anja has arranged for Ciaran to give lessons to my primary school going daughters and also refresher lessons to myself. Ciaran is an excellent piano teacher.  He is a gifted musician with a great teaching style. He has effortlessly transmitted theory and musical knowledge to the girls, while ensuring that fun is key. They have enjoyed working on exam prep with him, while really really enjoying the compositions he inspires them to undertake! I have greatly enjoyed learning from Ciaran also, both on structured pieces and more improvised learning by ear.  We are really happy with our dealings with Piano Lessons Dublin. 

Alison Bradshaw, June 2019

I would really recommend Piano Lessons Dublin to anyone interested in playing piano, especially at a grade 8 level. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Lauren, she was an excellent teacher. She really kept me motivated throughout my lessons leading up to grade 8, she was always very supportive and had an excellent teaching style. The school was always organised and always very helpful if we had any queries. Lauren was also very flexible with her lessons if I needed to change times.  I never felt immense pressure and always felt relaxed during my lessons. Thanks to Lauren I achieved a high Honours which I was delighted with, it was both hard work from myself and Lauren that made this happen. Thanks again for all your help.

Ali Dunne, April 2021

Ciaran teaches piano to my two sons age 10 and 7 . He is a wonderful teacher and his enthusiasm is infectious! He makes it fun and has a real gift with children. We are looking forward to more lessons next September.


Eve Gaughan, June 2019



I would highly recommend Piano Lessons Dublin. Emmet O Connor taught our two children, Elena 9, and Elliot 7 for the year. The kids loved his style of teaching and really enjoyed the lessons. Elliot even composed his own song on the piano and was greatly encouraged by Emmet!  Thanks to Emmet for all the hard work, it's great to hear such lovely music being played in the house!!

Claire King, June 2019


Cormac has been teaching my two boys, aged 9 and 11, for two years now. Cormac is friendly and patient, and the boys love him. His lessons are lively and fun. As well as learning songs and music, he works with them on rhythm and reading music. He suggests things that the boys might want to learn, but he also asks the boys what they would like to learn. He can turn his hand to anything, from carols to Queen to Super Mario! 

The boys have made real progress and are looking forward to signing up for their third year of classes. I’d have absolutely no hesitation recommending Cormac.

 Catherine Griffiths, June 2019

Would like to say Big Thank You to Anja for her lessons! My nine years old daughter is very happy with her, Grainne is never told to practice at home by her parents, Anja gives her motivation to do it herself.

We are very pleased with the firs exam results.

Best of luck for all what she does!!

Olga Muzychuk, July 2018


I would be very happy to recommend Piano Lessons Dublin to anyone looking for a piano teacher. Anja found us a great teacher, Ciaran, who has been teaching 2 of my children (aged 6 and 12) for the last 3 years. He has a great rapport with them and they really enjoy learning the piano with him. They have both also successfully completed a number of RIAM examinations with the help of his teaching, and are looking forward to resuming lessons after the summer!

Michele Doran, June 2018



My son Oisín (7) has completed a year of piano lessons with Anja. It was such a pleasure to watch his musical interest, curiosity and confidence grow over the year. He practices for enjoyment and even tries to write his own simple tunes ... I credit Anja’s encouraging and gentle teaching style for his new love of the piano!


Emma Jane Joyce, Sep 2018



I am really pleased with the piano lessons from Anja’s team.  Jack (8) loves his weekly lesson with Ciaran. They are great friends and have music discussion as well as piano.  I never have to persuade Jack to practice and I think he is doing remarkably well for his first year studying piano.  I have no hesitation in recommending Anja and Ciaran and we are looking forward to resuming lessons in September.


Barbara Ryan, June 2018


I highly recommend Piano Lessons Dublin. Anja did a fantastic job finding a great music teacher for my daughter (11yr), son (10yr) and me.

Anja has been great in terms of checking in to see whether we were all happy with our lessons.  

She has organised two concerts this year. This has been a great opportunity for my daughter and son to showcase their progress as well as to hear other children play.

Both my daughter and I play the piano and my son plays the guitar. Rafailia, our music teacher, came to our home for the lessons. This was very convenient for us. Rafailia's teaching style was very effective and pleasant. We have made huge progress which was visible through passing exams and playing at concerts. Rafailia understood what motivated each of us and it felt that the lessons reflected this. Rafailia is very musical herself, and it has been very insightful to see/read/listen music through her.

 Yvonne Meijerhof, June 2018


My teenage sons have enjoyed their piano lessons with Anja over the last few years and their skills have continuously improved with the benefit of Anja's positive attitude and constant encouragement.


Brid McCoy, Aug 2018

Tennyson has been teaching my 8 year old boy for one year and its going great. What I really love is that he teaches him the music basics but pays attention to what he likes and doesn’t like to play, and one week turned up with the Pokemon Theme tune when my 8 year old was obsessing with Pokemon.  The self composed pieces are also great as I think they let them mess around in an unstructured way, and what I really like is that it is an easy going session that Tennyson gently persuades him to play more difficult things and lets him mess with the pedals. The concerts have also been great for building confidence.   Its such a lovely approach to learning music and I couldn’t recommend the classes highly enough.

 Catherine Sturgeon, June 2018


My daughter Ruby and I are loving the piano lessons. Tennyson is a great teacher, incredibly patient and professional. He really goes above and beyond to ensure that we get the best out of each lesson whilst tailoring it to suit our individual needs. We can’t wait to continue in September.

John Wyer, June 2018




Anja has been teaching our daughter how to play piano for 3 years now. Throughout that time we've been very impressed with her professionalism and her enthusiasm for teaching. Beyond being an accomplished pianist in her own right, she also has a flair for imparting her knowledge and passion for music to all those who are interested in learning to play. From the very first exchange of emails, she has been punctual in responding and she has also been very flexible, when necessary, to ensure that piano lessons fit into the busy schedule of a young adolescent. She nurtures her students, challenging them to reach their full potential in a way that ensures that they are having fun. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Stephen Glasspool, June 2017

Anja teaches my three children aged 5, 7 and 9. She has a truly natural teaching ability and skill in tapping into each child's talent and has developed an inner confidence and love of music in each of my children, which is a joy to behold. She has also successfully prepared my eldest child for exam grades and continues to do so.

She manages to keep the children goal focused and inspired with the wonderful opportunity to showcase, what they have learned  during the year at two Piano concerts.

Anja also has huge patience with smaller children. She is very professional and I would highly recommend her.


Karen O’Donnell, June 2017


Lara has been learning piano with Anja for three years now and she's enjoying her lessons a lot. It is great to see how Anja can combine classical pieces and theory with more modern songs that keep Lara always very enthusiast and entertained! This year Lara even passed her Grade 1 piano examination. I would highly recommend Anja as a teacher!

Melanie Corvi, June 2017


My son and I started piano lessons with Anja this year. Anja's professionalism and love for all things musical is what really stood out for me. She was amazing with my 4 year old son, is kind and has the patience of a saint! Not only has she taught my son how to play the piano and begin to read music she has also instilled a love for music in him which hopefully will continue for years in the future.  After only 5 months of lessons he able to play "Old McDonald" and many other tunes. I am hoping to start my 3 year old with Anja in a years time.

For me, Anja has reignited my piano passion after 25 years off the keyboard. The music she presents is always enjoyable and upbeat and I find I am always learning with Anja. Sometimes when I haven't had the chance to practice a particular piece, Anja keeps me busy with alternative pieces or other exercises to practice. And she has been so flexible which is very much appreciated! Thank you so much!


Nathalie White, June 2017


A highly accomplished performing musician in her own right, Anja also shows great skill as a teacher of piano. She has empathy with her students of all age groups, motivating and inspiring each person to achieve their potential. I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from our sessions this year and look forward to continuing to work with Anja on further enhancement of my musical experience.


Marie Therese Swan, June 2017


This short note is to thank Anja for being such an amazing piano teacher. Both my kids, Antonio & Sara, have been taking piano lessons for two years. With all of her patience (a lot of patience !), creativity and love Anja had made playing piano such a positive experience for both of them. Anja has a very effective teaching approach as well as she is very talented as pianist herself. I really appreciate her being always so encouraging and persistent. She has worked so hard to improve Antonio and Sara's skills and to boost their confidence. We are all going to miss her a lot as we are moving back to Italy. But we will not forget who has taught us to love the piano. With sincerest appreciation,


Maria Elena Nicoletti, June 2017



I highly recommend Piano Lessons Dublin. Anja went to great lengths to find the right teacher for my daughter. Philip was simply fantastic!  Anja's lesson schedule took account of all the school holidays and Philip was extremely accommodating. Looking forward to resuming lessons after the summer break.

Paula Dolan, June 2017



Anja was very prompt and easy to deal with and quickly found a good piano  teacher that could come to our house, Philip was an excellent teacher who worked well with our daughter and was a pleasure to work with.


Dearbhla Lawler, June 2017


Anja has great patience and understanding of young children . My son Tom is eleven years old and has just passed with merit his grade 1 piano exam . This is a great achievement for a child who only wants to play rugby and be with his friends outside! He wants to continue learning piano with Anja in September , I'm really happy about his decision.

Veronica Cosgrove, June 2017


In the 3 years I have been taking lessons with Anja, she has helped me to improve immensely. She has fostered my interest and enjoyment in playing, and has shown serious dedication and patience in helping me to prepare for the exams. I would recommend Anja to anyone who wishes to learn how to play.

Hugh O’Neill, June 2017


Anja is an excellent piano teacher we can thoroughly recommend. She has been teaching our children for a year now, and they have found a love of music in their individual ways. Beyond teaching them a variety of pieces, Anja teaches them sight reading, intervals and introduction to harmonies. She really "gets" our children and gives us regular feedback that has been spot on and very helpful indeed. Anja is highly professional and results oriented, and the end of term concerts for children and families are a great reward for students and parents alike". Thank you, Anja!"

Regina Umbach, August, 2016

Anja is a very dedicated and creative piano teacher . She focuses on the uniqueness of each individual child. She is child-focused and prioritises / listens to what the child's needs are in relation to what they want out of their piano lessons. She allows the child to pick a piece of music and as a result the child engages more in learning the piano piece. My three daughters have really progressed in their piano lessons and we as a family are thrilled with the results! Thanks  Anja!

Padraig and Anita Mc Elwain


Anja is great with kids. My children, ages 10, 8, and 5, have been taking lessons from Anja for almost two years now. Anja is very patient and keeps my children’s interest.  She personalizes the lessons to build on the strengths of the individual student, Anja is professional in every sense.  I highly recommend her!

Trang Vu



My twin daughters (aged 10) started piano lessons as beginners with Anja in Sept 2014. They have really progressed  and they just love their lessons. Anja makes it fun yet serious enough to make sure they practice. She also organises end of term concerts so the girls have an opportunity to play in a little concert environment and we get to listen to her other pupils.  We are really delighted  we found Anja.

Brónagh McDonald



I hadn't played the piano for nearly 40 years when I had the idea of taking it up again last September. I hadn't been particularly good before but I'd enjoyed playing. I was so pleased I took it up again, and that I found Anja. I am still not great but was thrilled at the number of different pieces I learnt this year and was so proud of myself that by the end I could play a waltz by Chopin without the music in front of me. I'd never learnt music by heart before and it wasn't easy but I was so delighted with myself when I did it. Anja is a great teacher - she noticed what I liked and didn't like and picked out music that was the right level and that I loved, and therefore really wanted to play.


Theresa Urbainczyk



Anja is a brilliant music teacher. She has a contagious enthusiasm and love of music and is very patient, particularly with older students like myself. I’m  in my mid fifties and have never attempted music lessons before. But after only six months of Anja’s teaching I was ready for my first piano exam, grade three – and I passed (77%)! I’m convinced that no other tutor could have prepared me so well.

I am totally committed now to continuing with my piano tuition and I intend going as high a grade exam as is possible. Learning the piano has opened up a whole new world for me.

Sinead Cunningham



Anja has been teaching my daughter piano for a year now and Holly enjoys the lessons immensely. Anja has fostered in her, a true interest in music and especially in the piano. Anja's teaching style is conducive to fast learning and I couldn't believe how quickly Holly learned both to read music and to play challenging pieces. I would highly recommend Anja as a teacher.

Attracta Burke



I have been taking piano lessons with Anja for the past year. In this time, I feel as if I have improved immeasurably. The relaxed atmosphere, and her willingness to help me learn pieces of my choosing makes it a great environment to learn to play, I have really enjoyed my lessons with Anja. I would highly recommend anyone, whether beginner or advanced, to take lessons with Anja!

Hugh O'Neill, June 2015


Anja started piano lessons with my son last January.  Anja has a deep love of music and is a very talented piano teacher.  She is highly experienced and extremely professional and my son really enjoys his piano lessons.


Norma Purcell


I was a total beginner when I met Anja. I made a really fast progress and after only six months I managed to get to grade 1. Anja is an excellent teacher; she is very enthusiastic about music and easy to get on with. I enjoyed the lessons thoroughly. Anja’s teaching methods are varied and aimed at developing a range of skills such as the fingering and sight reading. The lessons also gave me a good understanding of all the major scales and chords. All in all, this was a very positive learning experience and I highly recommend Anja as a teacher. 


Ewa Stanczyk

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