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Online Lessons Best Practices


We compiled a list of useful tips that should make your online music experience smoother and more enjoyable!

General Tips

  • VIDEO: Position yourself in front of the camera so that the keys and your hands are clearly visible - this is important for both, the teacher and the student!

  • AUDIO: try to limit the background noise in the room, ideally do your lessons from a quiet corner of your home so that you can clearly hear each other talk and play 

  • BATTERY: this might seem obvious but please check you have enough battery life on your device to make it through this video lesson! Perhaps have a charger handy :)

  • CONNECTION: make sure you have a good signal/ internet connection before you start your lesson


 Other Technical Tips:

  1. Platform: use the video call platform you’re most comfortable with, some ideas: Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, etc.

  2. Laptops, Tablets, and Phones (with a big enough screen) are all suitable for online lessons

  3. Find a suitable place where you can position your device: some suggestions: music stand, table, chair, or other stable surfaces.

  4. If you lose the connection or the screen freezes, just try to hang up and call again - this usually fixes the problem!

Tips for the Teachers

  • Positioning your device on a music stand can work really well, raised slightly above the piano, with the camera facing somewhat downward so the students can see and understand your demonstrations and see your face as well as books and materials that you’re using.

  • Try to speak clearly and to the point.

  • Wait until the student has finished playing or talking before you speak or play because they won’t be able to hear you  otherwise.

  • Use visuals - if you need to explain what a quarter rest is, perhaps draw a large quarter rest on a big sheet of paper and hold it in front of the camera.

  • Keep a printed copy of your students’ materials (ask them to take a photo/scan of their pieces and share them with you), so you can write on them - after the lesson, you can scan it with your phone or take a picture and easily share it with the students so they can copy your markings onto their score - make those markings short and clear!

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