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Piano Lessons Vouchers 

PLD Gift Voucher (1).png
  • Piano Lessons can be a perfect gift for your friends and family!


  • You can gift a set amount (as specified below) or any amount of your choice, to be used to pay towards any Piano Lessons Dublin online or in-person classes.

  • Please contact us directly if you have any questions, or if you would like to request a specific package of lessons or amount of your choice and we'll be happy to accommodate you. Please read the Terms & Conditions below.

€90 Gift Voucher
(3x30min Lessons)

€120 Gift Voucher (4x30min OR 3x45min Lessons) 

€150 Gift Voucher
(5x30min OR 3x60min Lessons)

Terms and Conditions

  • A Gift voucher entitles the recipient to redeem the specified amount of the gift against the fees of any of our online or in-person lessons.

  • In-person lessons are subject to availability (if we have a teacher available in the area at the day and time requested for the lesson). If we don't have a teacher able to cover your area, the recipient can choose either to take lessons online or  to take the tuition at a later date (as soon as we have a teacher with availability). 

  • Gift Certificates have no cash value and may be redeemed only for the specified tuition or tuition of equivalent value.

  • All vouchers are valid 12 months from the day of the purchase.

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