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Piano Lessons

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Piano lessons are perfect for children and adults. The usual minimum age for children is 5​​. Our lessons are for individuals preparing for graded exams or just playing for fun​​. We offer 3 lessons types: 30, 45, or 60-minute lessons are available. The duration of lessons depends on the level of the student and can be adjusted according to individual preferences​. We recommend regularly scheduled lessons ​once or twice per week.

30 Minute Lessons

30min lessons are especially appropriate for young children and absolute beginners. These lessons introduce basic music principles. Students gradually learn music notation and get to know the rhythmical structure. Every lesson begins with some technical exercises such as scales and chords to develop correct techniques. Students will learn basic melodies and simplified well-known songs. Students are encouraged to express their own interest in music and suggest tunes that they would like to learn.

45 & 60 Minute Lessons 

45 & 60min lessons are appropriate for intermediate and advanced students. Students get to know more complex music structures and more advanced songs. These lessons have a strong focus on technique, touch, feel, and dynamics. Lessons can be specialised in different genres that students are interested in, such as classical, pop, jazz. Basic improvisation techniques are also taught according to the student's interests.

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