Piano Lessons

Format and Duration


​- children and adults welcome; usual minimum age for children is 5​

- preparation for graded exams or just playing for fun​

​- 30-45-60min lessons; the duration of lessons depends on the level of the student and can be adjusted according to individual preferences

once or twice per week.

30min lessons: especially appropriate for young children and absolute beginners:
- introduction to basic music principles; students gradually learn music notation and get to know the rhythmical structure
- every lesson begins with some technical exercises such as scales and chords to develop correct technique
- learn basic melodies and simplified well known songs
- students are encouraged to express their own interest in music and suggest tunes that they would like to learn

45-60min lessons:  appropriate for intermediate and advanced students
- students get to know more complex music structures and more advanced songs
- strong focus on technique, touch, feel and dynamics

- specialisation in different genres that students are interested in, such as classical, pop, jazz
- basic improvisation technique according to the student's interest


The music school year is divided into two terms and takes into account the Irish school calendar mid-term breaks, school holidays and bank holidays. The students are asked to enrol on a term basis, for weekly or twice weekly lessons. It's possible to sign up any time during the year and the tuition will be adjusted accordingly.

School year 2020/2021

Autumn/Winter term: 1st September - 31st January (19 weeks)

Spring/Summer term: 1st February - 20th June (17 weeks)