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Pawel Waleski


Music Education


Pawel started his musical education at the age of 7. He finished his studies, graduating with honours in piano performance at the Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan, Poland gaining Master degree.


During these studies he was able to work with many great pianists and teachers – improving his piano skills and teaching abilities. In 2021 he is starting an internship in Royal Irish Academy of Music with prof. Therese Fahy. 




Pawel has been working as a piano teacher since several years. He gained quite a bit of experience in a music school in Wolsztyn, Poland, where he was teaching students ranging from the age of 4 up to 70. He was regulartly preparing his students for exams, recitals and music competitions. 


Pawel's principal focus is to encourage his students to be open-minded and to help them self-discover every musical aspect of piano pieces.

He is a very sympathetic and reliable teacher, who’s consistently trying to explain even the most complex subject.


Pawel specializes in teaching both classical and pop music. He is happy to make transcriptions or prepare easy arrangements of popular songs that students would like to learn. 



Pawel is highly experienced in performing piano music from the baroque era to the early Twentieth century. He is comfortable playing very demanding repertoire - both solo and in ensemble.


By being able to play at the big polish venues, he learned how to prepare himself as a musician and how to deal with stage-fright. 


Besides performing solo, Pawel is also an experienced accompanist to choirs and other soloists.

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