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Kyoko Suda

Kyoko pic.jpeg

Music education and performing


Kyoko started learning piano in Tokyo,  Japan when she was only 5 years old.  Once she reached an advanced level she regularly performed as an accompanist for her school choirs and ensembles.

After moving to Ireland, Kyoko completed Grade 8 and Senior Certificate with RIAM. She also holds a Piano Performance Diploma from London Trinity College for which she was awarded Distinction.

Besides teaching, Kyoko also continues to work as an accompanist here in Dublin, mainly for choirs and RIAM graded exams at various levels.


Kyoko has over 7 years experience in teaching piano to students ranging from early years to teenagers and adults.

She's happy to either work towards graded exams or introduce students to a more fun repertoire from different genres.


Kyoko loves to share the wonderful music world with her students through piano teaching. She understands that each person learns differently depending on their capabilities. Therefore, she believes in a student-centred approach and always designs a tailor made curriculum, based on every student's musical interests and goals.

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