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Nataliia Mazanovych

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Music Education

Natalia started playing music at the age of 6. From early childhood there was a strong passion for music and for further development of skills. While studying at high school, Natalia already began to write her own songs.

Natalia studied piano at a local music school and later at a university in Ukraine (Kremenets Humanitarian Academy). She received a Bachelor of Arts degree where she specialized in Pedagogy. She's trained in both piano and vocals.


Nataliia has over 7 years experience in teaching piano to all different levels and age groups. She is equally passionate in teaching classical music and preparing her students for graded exams, as well as introducing them to more popular styles and encouraging their musical creativity. The overall goal for her is for her students to enjoy the music, which ever path they may decide to choose.


Having a degree which specializes in music education for children, her proficiency extends beyond musical expertise. Her holistic understanding of child development, different teaching methodologies and recognition of individual lerning styles equip her really well for nurturing young learners.

Since arriving to Ireland Nataliia also founded a community choir in Bray for Ukrainian children. They have since performed in different local venues such as churches and in their Ukrainian centre.

Performance / Singer Songwriter


Already as a student, she presented her own songs on the radio and performed at various concerts and art competitions, where she won an award for the best original song.


She has her own compositions that are played on Ukrainian radio and also has experience as a solo producer. Nataliia also also sang in a cover band for 12 years.

She believes that the greatest success in a person's life is to find oneself, to do what brings pleasure, to be true to one's dreams and to believe in oneself! When a person does what he really loves, it will always bring success! Work on yourself and dedication to your work is the best recipe for success!




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