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Josnel Acevedo

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Josnel started teaching piano since he was 20 years old, while he was at University learning to be a professional teacher. Back in Venezuela he was a piano teacher in four different music academies. He also worked at two kindergartens teaching early years music.


Once he completed his degree at the Pedagogical University (UPEL), Josnel was invited to join the Academic staff as a Piano Teacher.

He was also teaching Piano and Music Ensemble at UNEFA (National Experimental University of the Armed Forces).

Since he arrived to Ireland in 2014, Josnel joined Hartstown Community Education Programme, where he has been teaching piano for adults from the community. Josnel also worked as a piano teacher in Lucan School of Music.

Josnel's rich musical and teaching background with students of all different levels and ages makes him a very versatile teacher, who is proficient in a range of musical styles, from classical, latin, pop and jazz.

Music Education

Josnel has always had music in his veins. Since he was born, his parents always gave him some instruments to play. At the age of 5 he started his first music class, learning how to play a traditional instrument from his home country Venezuela, called "cuatro".


When he was 8, Josnel's parents gave him his first keyboard so he could start exploring and making music on his own. As he showed great interest and potential, he then soon continued to learn music with a private teacher at home who taught him the proper way to play the instrument.

At 16 Josnel started a course in the IUDEM (University Institute of Musical Studies, Caracas; now called UNEARTE), where he learned more about music theory and harmony. He continued with his studies at  the UPEL (Pedagogical University, Venezuela), where  he was among the 40 to be selected for the course out of more than 200 applicants. Only 3 students from that group actually graduated and Josnel is proud to be one of them, earning him a degree as a Teacher in the specialization in Music.

Upon completing his studies,  Josnel kept studying with private teachers in order to further polish his Classical and Jazz Piano technics and to also specialize in different Latin Rhythms.


Playing and Performing

Back in Venezuela Josnel played the piano and keyboard with a huge number of bands over the years. He started performing when he was 17 years old with a Latin Pop/Rock band at all type of events.


As a pianist and keyboardist he continued to work professionally with many bands of different genres (latin, pop, rock, soul) and performed at many different music venues,  festivals, private events, weddings, both in Venezuela and Ireland. 


Josnel's main speciality are all types of Latin Rhythms, however over the years he has excelled to the point where he can play any type of music at a very high level be it latin, jazz, pop, classical, etc.

Due to his versatility, he is a highly regarded musician and piano teacher on the Irish music scene.

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