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Joanna Burns


Music Bio


Joanna Burns received a Bachelor Honors degree studying music at BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) in Dublin, Ireland. Performing in three different bands while attending the music college opened up the doors of her musical creativity. BIMM has given her many connections with music collaborators, producers and musical connections whom she has played with for many years in both wedding bands and original bands such as folk band ‘Blue Luna’ and Rock band ‘Sheridan’.

Joanna teaches a variety of music styles such as classical, pop, musical theatre, rock and funk. While also having experience in songwriting, composing her own songs has inspired her to achieve a knowledge in the technical aspect of recording. Joanna has performed at various large venues throughout Dublin such as The Helix, The Olympia and The Three Arena.


As a vocal and piano teacher of four years, the discovery of many types of singers and players of all ages and abilities has inspired her to pursue her own continued learning. In 2022 Joanna completed the BAST vocal teaching course online which gave her the opportunity to include more material to her teaching criteria.


She completed Grade 8 piano at the Royal Irish Academy of Music which has strengthened her own playing technique and helped her to also demonstrate vocal exercises on the piano.


The first vocal lesson Joanna received was at a stage school called the NPAS (National Performing Arts School) aged eight in Dublin. She continued vocal lessons here for ten years until she started music college. She has been playing piano from a young age also and has used her knowledge of piano playing in her own original songs. Attending lessons as a child up until her early 20s and playing live shows has allowed her to discover and use her talent. In her teaching she inspires others to discover their own.

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