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Dariia Kinzhibala

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Music Bio


Dariia Kinzhibala is a piano teacher originally from Ukraine. She started playing piano when she was 5 years old and  continued her music education at a prestigious music college and National Academy of culture and arts in Ukraine, specializing both in piano and pop vocals. She completed her studies with a  masters degree in music.


Dariia has been teaching adults and children to play the piano for over 5 years. She also has extensive experience in accompanying strings, wind instruments as well as choirs and vocal ensembles.


Dariia moved to Ireland in 2022, formed a band and performed for a while. She had performances as a solo pianist, vocalist and an accompanist at various concerts.


Now she's mainly focusing on teaching and has worked with students of all ages and all levels in a local music school. She helps the students prepare for exams or play for fun, as well as still accompanies students in competitions.



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