Ciaran McCann


Music Education


Ciaran started playing the piano at age six, first learning elementary tunes and then taking on the Royal Irish Academy grade exams. He was awarded honours and distinctions from preliminary grade up to grade eight. After the final grade in the Royal Irish Academy Exams, Ciaran undertook the Diploma in Piano Performance from the London College of Music, of which he was awarded a distinction.




After obtaining the diploma, Ciaran set out to play as much music as possible. He joined Dublin based contemporary music group Ana Gog as a keyboard player, which has brought him around the world having played in such locations as India, Germany, France, and all over the island of Ireland.




Ciaran has been teaching both adults and also children from a very young age since years. He is focusing both on the classical aspect and preparing students for the RIAM exams as well as teaching students how to play songs for fun.


Ciaran is also teaching guitar.