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Tamer Cavusoglu

Tamer Cavusoglu.jpg

Music Education and Teaching


Tamer’s first instrument was the guitar – after taking a guitar and music theory course in 2008, he found a passion for music that changed his life direction.

After completing his basic music education, he began studying for the conservatory exams at Sakarya University in Istanbul, where he received honours in the music department. While studying at the university, he also began teaching lessons in guitar and piano, as well as touring with his band.

After completing his degree, he worked for both Doga College and Castle College as a music instructor. He enjoyed working with students, building teamwork as well as musical skills, and helping them to participate in competitive events representing their school.

During the recent pandemic, Tamer enjoyed developing his skills on the guitar, and experimenting with his own recording studio. He has recently moved to Ireland, and is excited to work with students here, sharing his passion for music with piano, guitar, and ukulele lessons.


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