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Rianna Faherty


Music education and Performing


Rianna is a piano teacher originally from County Galway. Rianna comes from a strong musical background. She has recently graduated from National University of Galway with a bachelors degree in music. 

She has won numerous competitions for voice and piano, including winning most talented family in Ireland along with her mother in TG4’s ‘Feis and Blood.’ Rianna has years of teaching experience in piano, guitar, ukulele and music theory. She has received training in the Kodàly method and has taken courses under highly celebrated mentors from the Kodály Institute in the Franz Lizst Academy of Music.



She has a particular passion for working with children and young adults and has worked in many music camps and schools throughout her career. The greatest reward for Rianna is nurturing a students love for music and being a part of their musical journey. Rianna is happy to teach all varieties of music and meet each students goals and desires.

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