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Michalina Dybowska

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Music Education

Michalina started learning the piano at the age of eight. In 2018 she graduated with honours from a classical music school in her hometown Szczecinek, Poland. Michalina continued her music education at Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań with a renowned prof. Maciej Pabich. In 2023 she got a diploma with distinction and obtained a Master of Arts degree in Piano Performance.

During her studies she was awarded a prestigious prize ‘’Student of the Year’’ for her artistic activities (2021). As one of the most talented students at the academy, she also got a scholarship for the whole time of her studies. Now she works as a trainee at Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin.



Michalina has experience in teaching children as well as adults. She has been working as a piano teacher since 2018. Besides giving private piano lessons she also worked as a piano teacher in Jerzy Kurczewski Poznan Choir School. During her studies she got a teaching certificate, which was followed by internship in Music School Complex at Głogowska Street in Poznań.

What Michalina loves most about teaching is not just helping her students improve their piano skills. She enjoys infusing music with fun and rediscovering it together with her pupils.


As a pianist, Michalina performs both as a soloist and as a chamber musician. She is comfortable with playing repertoire of all the music periods and all the difficulties. She used to regularly perform on educational concerts for young children and Aula Nova stage in Poznań.

She also played a lot of recitals and took part in many music competitions. Because of that she learnt how to deal with stage-fright and how to prepare memory for long playing.


Michalina participated in piano workshops with outstanding pianists i.a. prof. Andrzej Jasiński and prof. Valentina Igoshina. Playing as a part of piano duo, she won the 2nd Prize at the 2nd International Chamber Music Competition KraCamera (Kraków) and got a Finalist diploma at the 21th Kiejstut Bacewicz International Chamber Music Competition (Łódź) in 2022.




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