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Merve Özgür

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Music education 


Merve has studied piano, violin, music theory and music for pre-school children through various schools during the years.


After completing School of The Arts High School with the focus on violin and piano, she went on to Dokuz Eylul University where she completed her BA in Music Education.


She was awarded First Class Honours (Top of the class)  at both institutions and is honoured to have been trained by some of the best professors in Turkey.



Her teaching methods are usually based on classical music. She is however very familiar wtih Orff, Kodaly and Suzuki approaches that she really likes to use in her lessons, especially with children.


Merve taught music for several years in different primary and secondary schools in Turkey. She has also been working as a piano, violin, ukulele and solfege teacher both in music schools and privately. She has several years of experience in teaching both individual aswell as group classs to children of all levels and ages.

Her piano and violin lessons are a flexible blend of the student's desired studies as well as proper instrument exercises and techniques that will encourage a healthy development of the individual's musical skills over time. Merve believes that music must be something that people can enjoy.


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