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Lara Brady

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Music Education and Teaching


Lara has been playing the piano since the age of 6 and has a passion for playing and teaching music. She is currently completing her third year in a degree in Music Education in Trinity College Dublin and the Royal Irish Academy of Music, with piano as her primary instrument.


She has spent 4 months this year teaching both music and choir in Loreto High School Beaufort. She has achieved both
honours and distinction in her RIAM pianoforte grades.

Lara is committed to ensuring all of her students have a well-rounded knowledge of music in both performance and theory. She strives to make her lessons fun, inclusive, while ensuring a high level of technique.


She encourages her students to broaden their musical interests by exploring various genres including both classical and pop. She gets great satisfaction in seeing students grow in confidence and developing into proficient musicians.

Lara focuses on catering to her students’ goals, whether that is preparing for exams (RIAM or ABRSM) or just playing for pleasure.


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