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Laoise McMullin


Music Education

Laoise started to play piano at the age of 7 in her hometown of Galway. Her love for music grew throughout her years in primary and secondary school, when she also played violin, guitar and loved to sing. In 2015, she began taking lessons from David Szabo, a graduate of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest.

In 2018, Laoise commenced her Bachelor of Music Performance in the Royal Irish Academy, under the tuition of the renowned Professor Thérèse Fahy. Laoise looks forward to entering her second year of studies this year.


Laoise has enjoyed teaching music since a young age when she helped to teach younger children in primary school at lunchtime. Her main goal when teaching is to instill a love of music in her students, and she believes that it is important for students to truly enjoy what they are playing. She is inspired by her teachers, past and present, who have all taught her that one of the crucial aspects of being a good performer is expressing your passion for music.

She enjoys teaching all levels of students and is comfortable teaching in any musical style. Laoise has a love for music theory, considering its understanding to be a vital part of being a good musician. She also believes that improvisation and creativity are very important for her students, and also likes to promote the use of other art forms to aid musical creativity, be it drawing or writing a story.

Laoise’s teaching methodology is centered around the concept that the student’s ability and preferences should drive the lesson.

Performing & Competing

Laoise competes regularly in piano competitions around Ireland. In 2019, she achieved

success in the Dublin ESB Feis Ceoil, placing second in her three solo competitions and qualifying for the prestigious Morris Grant Bursary Final. She also came third at Sligo Feis Ceoil this year.

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