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Haku Yeo


Education & Composing

Haku started playing the piano at the age of eight mainly learning classical music. At the age of 16, she studied jazz piano and soon joined a fusion jazz band and played the piano and synthesizer for four years.


She did BA in music composition in Seoul, South Korea, and after winning the third prize in KBS film composition competition (2010), she worked as a film composer for KBS(Korean Broadcasting System) for four years.

So far Haku has recorded over 200 registered original compositions.


She did MA in scoring for film and visual media (2017~2018) in Pulse College DIT, Dublin


Haku has over 7 years experience teaching piano, ever since she started teaching young children in Seoul in 2010.


She also taught teenagers and adults for music entry examinations.


Haku has a wide range of expertise and as such she has been able to teach everything from basic piano to arranging music and composition. Haku also taught music technology in a lead high school back in Korea.