Caterina Schembri


Education & Composing

Caterina started her formal music studies at age fifteen with piano as her primary

instrument. With a strong formation in classical music and orchestration she studied

composition at PUJ and then mastered with first class honours in Film Scoring at Pulse


Her works have been performed in different venues in the city of Bogotá, including the

National Museum. Caterina worked as a composer for several short films and visual media projects from Colombian, Costa Rican, Spanish and Chinese directors; she also

participated in various filmmaking marathons. Her credits include the original score for the feature film “Despertar” (2017) by Costa Rican director Soley Bernal.


Caterina has experience lecturing and tutoring music theory and composition, she also

tutored young piano students and prepared candidates for admission exams to music

programs. During her college years she was in charge of curating and organizing student concerts and forums.