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Music Education


Ania has been working as a professional musician since 2005.


She completed a training course in Piano, Vocals and Guitar, with the main focus in Pop, Rock and Improvisation for those in the early stages of Music Education.

She continued her music studies at Yale College, Wrexham and majored in Music Performance.

She regularly continue to take masterclasses and different online courses (such as Jordan Rudess - Dream Theatre) to expand her musical knowledge.



Ania co-founded her own Music School Rock GP Music School in Pinhal Novo, Portugal, where she acted as a co-director for 15 years.


Apart from running the whole school, she also continued to teach Piano, Singing and Guitar. She contributed greatly to the community by organizing events, jam sessions and recitals and helping kids take interest in music.

Ania thoroughly enjoys teaching both kids and adults and her enthusiasm is infectious.


She is very passionate about making music and her speciality is teaching her students how to accompany themselves on an instrument while singing, be it on guitar or piano.


Ania has composed, recorded and published her own music, which she believes is heavily influenced by Pop and Soul Music.


Over the last few years, Ania has grown a sizeable presence on Social Media especially in her native Portugal, where she has worked as a Singer, Pianist and Music Producer and played in some major music venues and stadiums.



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